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Malibu Horizon located at 265 South Westlake Boulevard in Malibu, California provides local drug and alcohol treatment programs for those struggling with substance abuse. Malibu Horizon provides help for those struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. Other addiction treatment options include Counseling that help those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction to get the effective treatment that they need.

For those that are seeking affordable drug rehab in Malibu, California, then entering addiction treatment at Malibu Horizon is the right choice. Malibu Horizon generally accepts struggling addicts of most age groups, i.e. 18+ to enroll in their available addiction rehabilitation programs.

Malibu Horizon also takes commonly accepted insurances, i.e. Medicaid, Most Insurances, and certain types of payment such as: American Express, Cash or self-payment, Check, Mastercard, Medicaid, Visa. Malibu Horizon can be contacted through their website at

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+1(818) 889-4444
265 South Westlake BoulevardMalibuCalifornia  90265

Google Reviews

  5.0   4 years ago

This place I hold very dear to my heart. It was the place that I was able to start a beginning to a new chapter in my life. A chapter of sobriety, happiness, and fulfillment. This place taught me coping mechanisms to deal with depression and addiction, helped me build a relationship with my family, and taught me how to deal with daily life. I am so grateful for the treatment team and the staff there that dedicated themselves to helping their clients. I have successfully been sober for over 2 1/2 years and would highly recommend any individuals struggling with addiction to go here.

  5.0   4 years ago

Malibu Hills Treatment is not only a rehab center, but an incredible journey of life treasure and self wealth. The program is so well put together and executed equally as well, that it's difficult to mention every angle.Clients here all get to work a program specifically tailored to them. More specific, you'll be assigned to therapists, psychiatrist, psychologist, hypnotherapist, GP, nurses and medical staff should your situation require and the list goes on to Reiki, acupuncture, masseuse, art therapy, music therapy, gym and nutritionist. Toss in the geography of these facilities and the state of the art, in-house amenities and now Malibu Hills has created blissful breeding grounds for recovery. Addiction has been bringing me to my knees mercilessness for many many years, and then i discovered Malibu Hills Rehab Center where i found myself. This was the miracle i was waiting for to happen. I'm more than words grateful. Thank you everyone for all that you have done for me.

  5.0   4 years ago

This was a wonderful experience for me. The staff and counselors were first rate. A perfect blend of great food prepared by Five star chefs and fantastic caregivers. 24/7 nursing as well as Mds and specialists in psychiatrics. Maid service and a variety of recreational activities. Focus is on cognitive behavioral therapy with opportunities to attend AA meetings at ones discretion. If you have been looking for a rehab facility, then look no further!

  5.0   4 years ago

I was a patient at Malibu Hills Treatment Center for five weeks in late Summer of 2017. They were five weeks that I will remember forever. My life had become too sick, anxious and depressed because of alcohol. I began to realize I had passed the point of being able to take care of the problem myself. I was stuck at the very bottom of a well and wanted to get out, but had no footing to even try. That is how I truly felt. But, Malibu Hills reached out to me and took me in. I can't write enough wonderful things about the staff. From the admissions person who reached out to me (Catherine K.), to the nurses, therapists, cooks, residential advisors (RA's), and the impressive facilitators, they all made me smile. A little kindness and being genuine goes a long way in this world. It was in no short supply there and may have helped heal me more than anything. There were several different types of therapy offered, either in group or in a one-on-one setting. I felt they tried to individualize my therapy as much as possible to fit my individual needs in all areas of my life. We were kept busy with all things therapy, but there was still plenty of down time to relax and do activities with other patients. The "worst" thing about my time at Malibu Hills was leaving when my day had come. But hey, I'm still sober. They helped drill footings into that well. I've been climbing out slowly but surely. The facility consists of two beautiful houses in the serene hills of Malibu. The food was very good! Special Thank You to Catherine K., Abby, Lydia, Marisol, Brittany, Hugo, Rob & Justin for going above and beyond!

  5.0   8 years ago

After a fairly serious back injury at work which left me needing surgery and in constant pain. I became addicted to opiates. Not a traditional drug addiction but one that caused me many problems, including the break up of my marriage. Had it not been for Malibu Horizon I would probably still be addicted. I was given cognitive therapy and began to realise for myself how my addiction was affecting me and everyone I knew. Thanks to all Doctors, therapists and staff at Malibu Horizon for helping me through this traumatic experience.

  5.0   9 years ago

I got to Malibu horizons on November 16th, 2012. I had tried traditional 12 step rehab before, but quickly relapsed. I truly feel this center saved my life. Dr. Mohammed was the first doctor to treat my major depressive disorder correctly and helped me attain sobriety from an opiate addiction. The therapists there are top notch, along with the nurses. The groups offer incredible insight an tools I use on a daily basis. Dr. Mohammed has put together an amazing science based life saving treatment center. I owe my life to this amazing place!!

  5.0   9 years ago

I suffered from a pain medicine addiction for 15 years. The biggest problem was I continued to relapse. I come from the working in the medical industry so I know physicians and Dr. Mohammed is extremely caring and knowledgeable. This doctor understands addiction and what it does in the brain. I was detoxed very comfortably and the staff was very attentive and watched me closely. They got to the core issues that were fueling my addiction and gave me the tools taught in relapse prevention therapy to stay clean. If you use these tools they become as automatic as the craving used to be. Dr Mohammad saved my life. I thought before this disease would kill me and now I have been given a fighting chance. Thank you Malibu Horizon!

  5.0   9 years ago

After a fifteen year struggle with major depression, alcoholism, self mutilation and eating disorders, I finally found the place that was right for me. I had been through two other treatment centers, psych units and hospitalizations. No one seemed able to help me. 12 step programs did not work, regular medication did not work. I and my family had all but given up. After two weeks at Malibu Horizon I finally got to meet with Dr. Javaherian. She assessed the situation and said, "It looks like you're just trying to feel better. I'm going to up your antidepressant." I thought, oh my god, why didn't anyone think of that? Nine months later, I am doing great. I feel like the person I was always meant to be. The staff treated me like an intelligent human being instead of dismissing me as an "addict" and "crazy" like so many twelve step focused programs. I believe the knowledgeable staff and the dual diagnosis approach are what made this place the one that saved my life. While many of the patients there would kick and scream and flaunt the rules, and there was no shortage of controversy, I believe it was all in the struggle against addiction and mental illness. Anger, blame and projection are all part of that struggle. The staff were nothing but courteous and respectful to me, even going above and beyond when I asked them to. If you come here with a desire to feel better and a determination to stay focused on yourself, letting distractions be just that, then you will succeed. You CAN feel better than you ever thought possible. Be open and honest in all of your dealings and always with yourself. Thank you MH. Thank you Dr. Javaherian. You saved my life, at least. Don't mind the vitriol; haters gonna hate. Sincerely Andrea

  5.0   10 years ago

Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Malibu Horizon. To Whom It May Concern: I work as a clinically trained psychotherapist and researcher in the field of addictive illness. Occasionally, I have to place a client in a drug rehab and have the responsibility of finding a facility that meets the needs of a particular client. First impressions are important when considering any facility. When I called Malibu Horizon a highly skilled treatment professional named Laura answered the phone. As intake director, Laura answered my questions with thoughtful consideration and made some useful comments. This was my first indication that I might want to recommend this rehab to my client. I spoke to Laura again to determine if the stated “mission” and “treatment” mentioned on their website matched what they were actually doing. Many programs claim that they do highly individualized treatment that considers all aspects of the individual, but few rehabs meet this level of care. The amount of one-on-one counseling at Malibu Horizon is considerable and their staff all seems to have a minimum of Masters level training. The person I eventually sent to Malibu Horizon required a non-traditional approach that was more science-based than spiritual. Though I believe he will probably develop a spiritual life, I didn’t want an over emphasis on God or a Higher Power at this stage of his recovery. During the two weeks before admission, Laura continued to answer my questions and offer solutions to the problems that often arise with a rehab admission. I take my responsibilities as a therapist seriously and my clients will tell you that I am as dedicated to their health and well-being as I am to my own. Malibu Horizon welcomed my client observations and made use of my treatment notes in formulating a comprehensive inpatient plan for my client. Malibu Horizon was the right treatment for my client and he has gotten off to a good start on what is a long process of recovery. As I told him recently, “you went to one of the best rehabs…now let’s make sure it’s the last rehab you ever have to attend. “ Spero Alexio msw, psychotherapist and researcher from Las Vegas, Nevada

  5.0   12 years ago

I like Malibu Horizon approach to drug rehab. It is scientific clinically oriented. The staff cares about what happens to their clients. It is a very nice place too.

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